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Finance and Admin Job Vacancies at Djavino Group, Check Out the Qualifications!

KENDARI – Djavino Group is currently still opening job vacancies (lockers) for positions as Finance and Admin.

This was quoted from the Instagram Story page @djavinoresidence on Sunday (31/3/2024).

Djavino Group is a company in the property sector whose name is already familiar to the people of Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra).

This company has built housing in Bumi Anoa, one of which is Djavino Residence I to V.

To support business activities, Djavino Group is looking for Finance and Admin positions with the following requirements:

  • Woman.
  • Maximum age 28 years.
  • Attractive.
  • Experienced in the field.
  • Able to work with a team.
  • Able to communicate well.

How to register:

If you are interested and meet these qualifications, please send your application and CV to Jalan Poros Haluoleo Airport, Djavino Residence I Housing Complex, 3rd Floor Djavino Group Tower Building.

For further information regarding these lockers, you can contact 0878 6247 4725.

That’s the job vacancy information for friends, hopefully it’s useful.