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BNI Finance Records IDR 3.19 Trillion in Financing Throughout 2023

ILLUSTRATION. PT BNI Finance closed 2023 by achieving very positive growth.

Reporter: Shifa Nur Fadila | Editor: Handoyo .

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. PT BNI Finance closed 2023 by achieving very positive growth. This makes BNI Finance even more optimistic about optimizing all the potential for increasing the company’s performance and contribution to the BNI Group in 2024.

BNI Finance President Director Yenanto Siem noted that the total distribution of financing throughout 2023 reached IDR 3.19 trillion. According to him, this figure increased 7.5 times compared to the performance in the previous year which recorded financing of IDR 422 billion. revealed that this significant performance achievement was achieved with the support of many parties, including BNI as a shareholder, partner dealers, work partners and also all highly dedicated employees.

“This is proof of the success of the transformation carried out by BNI Finance and this achievement is a strong foundation for us to continue to grow and show our existence in the Indonesian financing industry, as well as continue to make a positive contribution to the performance of the BNI Group,” explained Yenanto in an official statement, Wednesday (17/1).

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Yenanto also explained that BNI Finance managed to record assets of IDR 3.79 trillion or an increase of 272% compared to 2022 which recorded assets of IDR 1.02 trillion. According to him, this increase in assets was driven by BNI Finance’s success in increasing its portion of the consumer financing segment and expanding its marketing network.

“This financing expansion is balanced with the implementation of prudent risk management, reflecting on the non-performance financing (NPF) figure which reached 0.07% in 2023, an improvement compared to the previous year’s NPF of 0.92%,” said Yenanto.

Meanwhile, in 2024, Yenanto emphasized that BNI Finance is optimistic in facing increasingly competitive market competition by expanding its branch office network in 22 potential cities.

According to him, BNI Finance will expand its market reach, so that with the addition of branch offices planned to operate this year, it is believed that it can create sustainable business growth.

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Yenanto also added that there have been several steps designed by BNI Finance, including digitizing business processes and strengthening business processes so that it is hoped that they will be able to improve services quickly and grow healthier.

“We hope that the service process for consumers and dealers will be faster. “Apart from that, BNI Finance also integrates payments and channels with the Parent Company (BNI) so that consumers can more easily make transactions with BNI Finance,” explained Yenanto.

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